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This website dedicated to Awakening your Radiant Self based on Dr. Judith Cornell's [Rajita Sivananda] original luminous mandala process - using subtle life-force energies, inquiry, intentionality, and holistic healing techniques for spiritual and emotional healing.
Judith is the award-wining author of MANDALA : Luminous Symbols for Healing

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In Memoriam
Facilitation Training

Rajita Sivananda FNA Dr Judith Cornell transitioned from her body on May 18, 2010.

Rajita is remembered as a bringer of light on the planet. Her life was dedicated to helping people on their path to awakening. She introduced people all over the world to healing on many levels using mandalas long before they had regained their current popularity. Rajita was a pioneer in blending sacred art and meditation and today there are many who use her process as a method for spiritual, emotional and physical healing.  Her focus was in helping others to awaken by experiencing unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude for the present moment, connection with Nature and the spiritual depth of Silence. Rajita guided many souls to live with integrity and intentionality, honoring their True Nature.

She leaves a legacy of great award winning books and many mandala facilitators that will continue to bring her brilliant work out to the world for the greater good of all.

We will miss you, Rajita and we are certain that you will continue to do your light work on a higher plane.

Fly with the Great Ones, beloved friend and teacher.

With love and fond memories, Eileen “Rosie” Rose

"If you are feeling loss, suffering and grieving, work
through that, because you are seeing it from the ego. If you remember me from the heart and love, we will be together, I will be with you."  Rajita Sivananda

“The legacy of her work; to know God, to love God and to serve God is with us, in us and will flow through us, and beyond –without attachment.” -  With Love, Mary Trotter

Sloka 34 from Dancing with Siva
How Should We View Death and Dying?
Our soul never dies; only the physical body dies. We neither fear death nor look forward to it, but revere it as a most exalted experience. Life, death and the afterlife are all part of our path to perfect oneness with God. Aum.

For Hindus, death is nobly referred to as mahaprasthana, "the great journey." When the lessons of this life have been learned and karmas reach a point of intensity, the soul leaves the physical body, which then returns its elements to the earth. The awareness, will, memory and intelligence which we think of as ourselves continue to exist in the soul body.

Death is a most natural experience, not to be feared. It is a quick transition from the physical world to the astral plane, like walking through a door, leaving one room and entering another. Knowing this, we approach death as a sadhana, as a spiritual opportunity, bringing a level of detachment which is difficult to achieve in the tumult of life and an urgency to strive more than ever in our search for the Divine Self. To be near a realized soul at the time he or she gives up the body yields blessings surpassing those of a thousand and eight visits to holy persons at other times.

The Vedas explain, "As a caterpillar coming to the end of a blade of grass draws itself together in taking the next step, so does the soul in the process of transition strike down this body and dispel its ignorance." Aum Namah Sivaya.

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